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The Supercombined has closed the finals

2014 IPCAS world cup finals Tarvisio

supercombinata1supercombinata2supercombinata3 the daily Supercombined has closed the 2014 IPCAS world cup finals in Tarvisio. The last 2 competitions on the Di Prampero course have defined the discipline podium for this season 2013/14.
These are the official daily results:

In Visually Impaired gold for the russian Aleksandra Frantceva (Guide Pavel Zabotin) and for the canadian Mac Marcoux (Guide Robin Femy), in Standing, first place for the american Alison Jones and the ‘australian Toby Kane. In the Sitting category, another win for the austrian Claudia Loesch and for the canadian Josh Dueck.

At the parterre of the Lussari Mount, at the end of the races, the prize giving ceremony took place and in that occasion it has been presented also the seasonal Slalom and Giant Slalom Podiums.

In Tarvisio village, in the main hall, all the other 2014 world cup medallists have been presented during the closing ceremony: the LOC President, Mr Paolo Tavian welcomed all the authorities, competitors, delegations, staff, volunteers and Partners, thanking everybody for the great job they did: the 2014 IPCAS world cup finals represent another step to host the World Championship in 2017,

From the competitive point of vue, in Valcanale we have seen a great performances by the top international 50 athletes (coming from 10 nations) who will be the main actors of the next Winter Paralympic games in Russia.

Official Results:
World Cup Individual Rankings Winter Season 2013/14
Women’s Supercombined
Men’s Supercombined

Video, gallery and news available on www.sc2worldcup.com

Double Silver and Gold for the italian athletes!

Double Silver and Gold for the italian athletes!

IPCAS Coppa del mondo sci alpino paralimpico Tarvisio 2014.

Today, on the Di Prampero course, the last two downhills of the 2014 IPCAS world cup season took place.The best 50 competitors coming from 10 nations, performed on a technical and speed track (length 1780m) with a perfect  snow condition.

Excellent Results for the italian teams, thinking to the next Winter Paralimpics in Sochi (Russia). Double silver for Alessandro Daldoss and the Guide Luca Negrini in Visually Impaired and two bronze medals for Melania Corradini in Standing.

In the final daily standing 2 victories for the russian Aleksandra Frantceva (Guide: Pavel Zabotin) in Visually Impaired, for the teammate Inga Medvedeva in Standing and for the austrian Claudia Loesch (Sitting).
About the Men results, double wins for the US Mark Bathum (with the Guide Cade Yamamoto), in Visually Impaired, for the austrian Markus Salcher (Standing) and for the japanese Akira Kano (Sitting).

doppia-medaglia-italia-ipcas1 doppia-medaglia-italia-ipcas2 doppia-medaglia-italia-ipcas3Tomorrow, last day of races with the Supercombined (at 10:00 SuperG start and at 13:00 slalom) one more time on the Di Prampero piste LIVE Streaming on the Event web www.sc2worldcup.com.

In the afternoon all the final Awards ceremonies will be held in Tarvisio village with the Autorithies, Organizers, Delegations, Athletes and Champions.

Info, gallery e video of the day onwww.sc2worldcup.com and on our social networks.

Official Results.
DH1 Women
DH1 Men
DH2 Women
DH2 Men

Tomorrow SuperG startlist


Today the Opening with the 2 Downhill trainings

Today the Opening with the 2 Downhill trainings

2014 IPCAS World Cup finals Tarvisio

sitting1 discesa1

This morning, a shining day has opened the official programma of the 2014 IPCAS world cup finals in Tarvisio, Italy. The DHs Training took place on the piste Artico Di Prampero where the top world athletes tasted the ski and conditions.

Good news for italian teams for the upcoming races: in Visually Impaired, second time for Alessandro Dal Doss (Guide Luca Negrini) and fourth in Standing, for Christian Lanthaler. About the women, third time for Melania Corradini in Standing.

Tomorrow the first DH will start at 11:00 and the second at 12:30.

Here the link with the DHs training standings and tomorrow DHS startlists

On the occasion of the World Cup Finals, a roundtable entitled “Disabled and winter sports, a value for the prevention, the safety and the rescue in healthcare” will be organized tomorrow, on February 25th at 5.30 pm at the “Julius Kugy” cultural center in Tarvisio (media center).The meeting will be opened to everybody

All the races will be broadcasted in livestreaming on www.sc2worldcup.com and www.paralympic.org/live-sport.

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